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CyberScan is a device that measures your body’s morphogenetic field, assesses imbalances within that field that may be causing a disruption to your health and then formulates a treatment to help your body rebalance.


Introducing the CyberScan

The CyberScan Professional System is a quantum physics based CE-Class IIa medical device. It is registered in the EU, USA (FDA), Australia (TGA) and South Africa as a neurological biofeedback device.

CyberScan was created in Germany and uses advanced and exclusive scalar energy technology.  This technology is modelled from patents and investigational trials of experimental physicist Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) and Princeton Engineering Anomaly Research (P.E.A.R.)

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Our Morphogenetic field

Every living thing has a morphogenetic field. It is what allows a single cell to turn into a fully functioning person. It is like an energetic blueprint, which allows cells to migrate to the correct position, so they form organs, limbs, cells, membranes and even tiny nerve endings  in the correct places.

Our bodies are designed to maintain balance. Balance of hormones, balance of electrolytes, balance of movement, balance of temperature and balance of pH, to name but a few.


Our immune system

Disease can be thought of as a state of imbalance. Imbalance in the body is caused by stressors, which include: bacteria; viruses; parasites; allergies; chemical toxicity; environmental stress; and emotional stress. Many of these imbalances can be corrected by our immune system.

Our immune system consists of many different types of cells that help us achieve balance. These cells have the ability to destroy bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, old non-functioning cells and cancer cells. They can also detoxify our bodies from chemicals and other toxins. When our immune system isn’t functioning correctly our health deteriorates.

The CyberScan can detect what is causing the imbalances and administer treatments to help the body overcome them.

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How the CyberScan works

When a client places their hand or a hair sample on the CyberScan device, within a few moments, the machine has scanned their morphogenetic field. 

The CyberScan contains a database of more than 135,000 energy signatures. By challenging your body with many of these energy signatures the device can determine which ones are acting as stressors and which ones are acting as balancers for your body.

As the CyberScan device scans your morphogenetic field, it tests that scan with many energetic signals of potential stressors. By reading the effect each energy signal has on your system it can build up a ‘picture’ of the signals and their frequencies that may be causing health imbalances.

CyberScan is not a diagnostic tool. CyberScan is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure disease or illness.  CyberScan is not a substitute for professional medical or psychiatric care or treatment.


How treatment works

The energetic frequencies causing imbalance can be cancelled out using other very specific energy frequencies. This is similar to the way noise cancelling headphones work.

Noise cancelling headphones sample the ambient sound and a computer chip inside them calculates specific sound frequencies that will cancel out the ambient sound. By playing this new frequency to the wearer, the sound is cancelled and all they hear is a very slight hiss.

The CyberScan does exactly the same thing. It can ‘play back’ up to 140 different energetic signals designed to cancel out the signals that are causing your imbalances.

This method has been used for many hundreds of years in the practice of homoeopathy and Bach flower remedies. Each homoeopathic remedy has a very specific energetic signature designed to cancel out the signatures of imbalance within the patient.

Previous CyberScan devices used to imprint this energetic signature into a vile of saline. Drops could be taken each day to deliver the treatment. New breakthroughs in technology means that the treatment energy signatures are now ‘imprinted’ on a thick magnetic strip on a small card called an ‘eeCard+’. These energy signatures are used as information, which (via biofeedback) communicates with the self-healing properties of the immune system.

The eeCard+ is worn against your skin for two weeks and placed under a pillow for treatment at night. The eeCard+ is valid for treatment for two whole weeks.   Some supplements and lifestyle changes may also be recommended where relevant.

Important for you to know

No caffeine of any kind including, but not limited to, coffee, black tea, green tea and caffeinated soft drinks or recreational drugs should be consumed during the treatment.  Doing so cancels the treatment and the new information will no longer communicate with your immune system.  

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~ CyberScan treats the root cause ~


The benefits of the treatment

  • Improvement in your overall health

  • Enhanced emotional wellbeing

  • Reduced emotional imbalances 

  • Reduced stress and nervousness

  • Increased energy

  • Improved sleep

  • Reduced digestive issues

  • Reduced allergies

  • Enhanced detoxification

  • Enhanced mental clarity, focus and cognitive function

  • Reduced weight imbalances

  • Improved physical illnesses and imbalances

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